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The John Havlicek Celebrity Fishing Tournament Supported the Genesis Foundation

The John Havlicek Fishing Tournament has raised millions for the Genesis Foundation for Children, which helps children born with genetics and intellectual disabilities receive the care and medical attention they need. John Havlicek and his son, Chris Havlicek, were in attendance, along with retired sports figures like Jim Lonborg and comedians like Don Gavin.

John Havlicek’s Retirement Speech

After John Havlicek’s successful 16-year career with the Celtics, he made a touching and inspiring retirement speech. He spoke graciously of his teammates and his coach, Red Auerbach. He also made special mention of his wife, Beth, his son, Chris, and his daughter, Jill.

John Havlicek Facts

Celtics legend John Havlicek is known as father to Chris and Jill, as an eight-time NBA Champion, and as being in the basketball Hall of Fame. But did you know the basketball champ also won the 1974 Finals MVP award? Or that he went to NFL training camp with the Cleveland Browns? Who knew!

John Havlicek, a High School Football Star?

John Havlicek is an undisputed basketball champion, but did you know the majority of his college scholarship offers were for football? Read more about Havlicek’s earlier years here. He ended up where on Ohio State’s basketball team, and later went on to become a basketball legend, husband and father to Jill and Chris Havlicek.