Golden State Warriors Experiencing Boston Celtics Déjà vu

By | April 29, 2016

Chris Havlicek's father John as Boston Celtic legendIn game 1 of the Golden State Warriors playoff game against the Houston Rockets, most Warriors fans held their breathes as they watched the two-time league MVP and leader of the defending champs leave the game with announcers questioning a game 2 return.

This is quite the flashback to the 1972-73 Boston Celtics team that was lead by John Havlicek to a 68-win season (which is now 5th best) and deemed to cruise through the playoff. This was until the Celtic star injured his shoulder in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference series versus the Knicks and was questionable for the remaining games in the series. Even though Havlicek played in the remaining games, he was nowhere close to the player that brought the team to this point. The Knicks figured out how to exploit the team that was without the efficiency of Havlicek and the Celtics were eliminated in a pivotal Game 7.

The Golden State Warriors have been having quite the magical season where they have broken numerous records, including the best record in the history of the NBA, with 73 wins. We will now get to see if the “focus” on team stays true as the Warriors continue their playoff push without their floor general.