Kobe Bryant Surpasses John Havlicek’s Record of Missed Shots

By | November 12, 2014

John Havlicek is one of the NBA’s greatest players of all time. Throughout his career, he’s taken chances and shots that may not have turned out the way he wanted. But his determination, resilience (and yes, skill) led him to the Basketball Hall of Fame. At this moment, no one understands that more clearly than Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant Takes the Lead in Missed Shots

Last night, Bryant set the NBA record for most missed shots, surpassing Havlicek’s 13,417 goal by one. While this may seem like a setback, anyone who follows basketball knows otherwise. Bryant has been in the NBA for 19 years, and had had an extremely successful career. During these 19 years, he’s become one of the most celebrated players in the NBA.