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Celtics Rumor 2016 – Assistant Jay Larranaga Reportedly Received Interest from Georgia Tech

Celtics assistant coach Jay Larranaga has reportedly received interest from Georgia Tech as the school continues to search for a replacement of their head coach that was recently fired, Brian Gregory. Although Georgia Tech is still in the “initial stages” of their hiring process, it is unclear what Larranaga thinks about the potential opportunity.  We do however know that Larranga did turn down interest from at least one other college in the past.

No one knows what the future holds for Larranaga, but we will stay tuned to find out! Read the full article here.

Ohio State Buckeyes are crowned champions!

The Ohio State Buckeyes completed their storybook finish to a season where there were continuously ruled out. After injuries to their two Heisman contenders and their loss to Virginia Tech many were beginning to think that this season would be a bust for the Buckeyes and they were consistently labeled as underdogs throughout the playoffs.

First Time Champions

This is the first College Football Playoff national championship for the Buckeyes where they played versus the Oregon Ducks, who were labeled the favorites with their QB Marcus Mariota who was looking to complete an otherwise successful season and possibly go to the NFL next season. The Buckeyes had a star in their running back Ezekiel Elliot who earned the offensive MVP after running for 246 yards and four touchdowns with a career high 36 carries; he showed a true display of athleticism that would be applauded by John Havlicek who was a past all –around athlete for Ohio State.

Farewell Rajon Rondo

After the news of All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo being traded to Dallas Mavericks there is some disappointment as a Celtic fan but let us wish him farewell and remember some of his best plays.

Let us also look forward to the future with rebuilding our Boston Celtic dynasty

Celtics Continues With Rebuilding Process

The Boston Celtics are taking the next steps in their rebuilding efforts as they have now traded away their All Star point guard Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks for Jae Crowder, Brandon Wright, Jameer Nelson along with multiple #1 draft picks over the next couple years. Some may say that the Celtics didn’t get enough for Rondo as he is the current league leader in assists but with an impressive upcoming draft class the Celtics may see their benefits in the long run. Stay Tuned!

Read the details of the trade here