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John Havlicek Helped Make October 21 a Legendary Celtics Day

The Boston Celtics are a legendary franchise in the NBA. On this day in 1976, John Havlicek and his teammates helped further solidify that legend with their winning opening game against the Indiana Pacers. With a merger season, feuds between coaches Red Auerbach and Bob “Slick” Leonard, and clutch players like Havlicek, this game was an exciting one for fans. Read more about this great day in Celtics history here.

John Havlicek: a Celtics Great

John Havlicek is frequently referred to as one of the greatest NBA players of all time in one breath and then as one of the most unappreciated players in another. This in-depth article explains the dichotomy of Havlicek’s greatness and and why he has been overshadowned by other Celtics greats.